Individual Coaching Sessions


This program is designed to focus on your whole person and to give you all the space you need for introspection. You have my undivided attention and support. You will individually develop your personal road map and decide your goals, with extra care for your preferences and needs. 

Individual coaching is mostly beneficial when it takes place over a period of time, therefore you can choose to schedule 4, 8 or 12 sessions, each session lasts 1 hour.

The price is as follows:

– 4 sessions: 260 $

– 8 sessions: 480 $

– 12 sessions: 660 $

We can meet weekly or biweekly, via Zoom.

Specials for you:

* Life happens, so, if you need to reschedule a session, I can accommodate it, preferably with a two days notice. But, hey, I know, so if something urgent comes up at the last moment, just let me know and I’ll do my best to reschedule it anyway.

** if you want to start with 4 or 8 sessions and then you want to upgrade to 8 or 12 sessions, you will just pay the difference between the two plans.

*** It is still possible that we are not a good fit, or that you are not happy with the progresses you are making, or that coaching or my coaching style just doesn’t work for you. In this case I will sure appreciate your feedback, and reimburse you for the sessions that did not take place yet. 

Group Coaching Workshops


The wisdom of the group. Bringing individuals together leads to ideas and solutions circulate. Communities are very powerful. You can tap into collective  insights, and benefit of a variety of skills, expertise, and reflections during shared activities in small group setting of max 6/7 people at a time.

Workshops involve a series of sessions (1 hour each) and cover a wide range of topics and tools, are conducted with a coaching approach and allow participants to learn from each other creating a sense of community and support.

Next workshops:

The price is 140 $ per person per workshop series (5 sessions).

We meet weekly via Zoom. 

Specials for you:

* You can participate as a guest to 1 meeting.

In person workshop will be scheduled only in the Triangle Area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC – USA).


Do you want to know more about me or the programs?

Schedule a discovery call via Zoom, or send me a message by clicking here:

What happens then?

When we meet for our discovery call via Zoom, we get to know each other, and find if we are a good fit. Come with all your questions! Also, I am a very informal person, and confidentiality is one of my values, so you can wear your pajamas and stay without makeup, and that’s absolutely fine! 😉

 After that, if we decide to move forward, I will send you a contract with all about logistics, price, duration, and every detail so that we are on the same page about our journey together. You can find an example of my contract here: